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  Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist

 Sex, the Ring
& the Eucharist

a book by Father Dave

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a message from Father Dave

  • imagine a world where people loved community more than privacy

  • imagine a world where teenagers looked up to their parents and were inspired by the adults in their community

  • imagine a world where boys grew up knowing how to fight for things they believed in, but knew how to avoid fighting too.

  • imagine a world where men were men - loved their women, recognised them as equals, but weren't ashamed of their masculinity either.

  • imagine a world where the church offered leadership and hope, and was
    a community of nurture, healing and forgiveness.

Hi, I'm Father Dave,

This is the world I believe in.
It's the world Jesus spoke of.
It's the world I'm ready to give my life for.

The world we live in seems to bear so little resemblence to the world we hope for, and as a representative of the church, I'm ashamed to say that we (the church) have often been part of the problem.

I'd like to think that the followers of Jesus are still capable of transforming our society for good, but there are at least three areas where we really need to get our act together if we want to make a difference.

I'll give you those three in a moment, but first let me tell you about my book, "Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist".

The Fighting Father

"Sex, the Ring, and the Eucharist" is an odd title, I know. It's taken from the final essay in the book.
It's basically one man's story about his attempt to live for that better world.

I live and work as a parish priest in Dulwich Hill. Over my 13 years here I've spent a lot of time working with people from the underside of Australian society - street kids, drug-addicted persons, mentally ill people, etc. It's been quite a battle. I've also done a lot of 'battling' in a more sporting sense. I'm a fighter. I box, I kick, I wrestle, and I love it.

"Sex, the Ring, and the Eucharist" is my story. It's a story about living and fighting in inner-city Sydney. It's a story about people - why they are the way they are, and what I think we can do to help. It's a reflection on why the fighting arts can have such a powerful effect in moulding young lives for good. And it's my take on where the church needs to get its act together if we want to make a difference.

Now for those three areas where we (the church) really need to change:

  • We need to be less concerned about money

  • We need to be less concerned about our reputation

  • We need to 'get real' and be willing to get our hands dirty.

Well, that's a start. I'll resist the temptation to say more at this stage or I'll have you here all day!

Hear what others are saying about
Sex, the Ring & the Eucharist

 Jeff"[The book] is a rare and fascinating insight into the problems of the church in rough, tough Sydney"
Jeff Wells (The Daily Telegraph)

Mark Harding 
“What comes through this book is David’s priestliness – the fact that he intercedes for and defends the people of his parish as their shepherd. David’s humanity is totally transparent in this book, and that is refreshing in the often make-believe world of the church.”
Rev. Dr. Mark Harding (Dean of the Australian College of Theology)

 Joyce Bathie
"It's about time someone spoke out and told it like it is."
Joyce Bathie (parishioner, Holy Trinity Church, aged 80)

 Kiera Richards
 "I finished [the book] today! And im speechless. Never have I read something more interesting, inspiring and amusing in my life! It made me laugh and gasp in shock at the same time. The things you talked about really shocked me. " Kiera Richards (aged 17)
 Greg Maskalick"In a nut shell; it is superb! What a roller-coaster of emotions to experience. I was emotionally exhausted ... The book made me review my own circumstances and evaluate my mission in life ... I would like to spend a good part of [next year] in Sydney and volunteer at your fight centre and church and help in any way possible in that time. I would also like to experience a bible study with you and also some training, and my first punch in the face!!!!" Greg Maskalick (music teacher, London)

 Randy Gilbert
In my mind, Mother Theresa has found a true colleage in 'the good fight'. If you are tired of saying, but not doing, and you want to live a truly authentic life, then I beg you to set aside your ego and old beliefs, get this book, read it, and let the Fighting Father teach you what real and proactive faith is all about." Randy (Dr. Proactive) Gilbert
(host of The Inside Success Show and author of "Success Bound")


Or click here now to listen to Dave being interviewed
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The Inside Success Show


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