• "Sex, The Ring, and The Eucharist is a call to passionate, contextually relevant, and godly action so that we who claim to serve Jesus Christ might take the truth we hold as doctrinal propositions in the pulpit into the gutters, alleyways, and dark crevices of the human heart as God's own healing medicine. " Fr. Chuck Huckaby -
    (Minister and Law Enforcement Chaplain, Lawrenceburg,TN,USA http://soulfriend.org)

  • “I managed to read your book mate, and to be quite frank, I like it! Not a bad read at all. I think you might be on to something mate! The only problem I had with it was that I had a shitload of stuff to do and yet I kept going back and reading it.”
    Paul ‘the Pitbull] Grima
    (former Australian & South Pacific welterweight Kickboxing Champion)

  • Bloody excellent read, couldn't put it down! It highlights the committment to the very difficult task you do. I find you an inspiration and hope and pray that you will have continued wisdom and energy as a pastor and father to your family
    Scott Reid (Firefighter)

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I loved and appreciated your book “Sex, the Ring and the Eucharist”. It was one of the most honest, thought provoking, real-life, down-to-earth and totally human books I’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves through the pages of this book.
    Amy Gock (an old friend of Dave's)

  • I had a long hard look and a thorough re-read of your book. I was trying to figure out why your book is not going over well with everybody in the church. Dave, I finally figured it out!!! Whilst I stand in awe of your ministry as outlined in your book, people in your Diocese are upset because you tell it how it is instead of telling it in nicely couched “church-speak”
    Alan Radford (Property Consultant, Queensland)

  • "I read your book and loved it. Write another one soon. It's good to see priests are human too." Greg 'the Widow-Maker' Lytton (kickboxing trainer, Orange)

  • Have been reading David's book - I am just feeling so overwhelmed with happiness, sadness, anger with myself, anger at the Church topnots? Congratulations David, on writing such a wonderful descriptive book. You have certainly had some experiences that no one person should have to cope with - but as they say - YOU ARE THE FIGHTING FATHER." Morna Molesworth (aged 73)

  • "Well I started to read it and could not stop reading it. I feel like I know you really well and could remember some of those events."
    Craig Coote (Publican, Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill)

  • I really enjoyed the book. I started reading it the moment it arrived, and didn't put it down again till I'd finished. The kids were quite put out that I wasn't available to them, but I really just went with it and kept going. I kept saying to myself, "I'll take a break at the end of the next chapter" but I never did! My only complaint is that I want more! Volume 2 maybe??
    Mandi Madden (Queensland)

  • I've been trying to think of how to explain to you what I get from reading your book. ... for me it's spiritual. I'm not trying to sound philosophical but ... the more I see and hear whats possible with faith and a good dose of courage I get strength and encouragement."
    Cindy Hayden (Chambersburg, PA)

  • Thanks a lot for your book. It was such a good read! You have a gift for short, colourful descriptions and for cutting to the quick. Naturally with my different background and experience I don't agree with you on everything, but having read Bryce Courtney's novel about the young black leader who grew up under the apartheid system and also the role boxing played in the liberation of the Blacks in USA, it obviously has great power. You very astutely brought out the necessity for control and skill, and not giving way to anger and unnecessary violence. Rev. Clive Hardcourt-Norton

  • "I thought [your book] engaging and informative as well as challenging. You have broken out of the pious stereotypical religious writing mode."
    Bishop Ray Smith (Mosman)

  • "I was so absorbed in the book I was unable to put it down , and now I need to read it again slowly so I can really absorb each chapter."
    Adrienne Richardson (registered nurse, Marrickville)

  • "Dave, you have identified in your book what a lot of us in the church feel - that although drawn deeply to the teaching and person of Jesus Christ and confident of the revelation of the Bible as God's Word, our experience of church life often seems superficial and over-polite when compared to the more authentic (if more volatile) society of the "knock-about" Australian." Ken Harkness (Chairman, Sydney CEBS)

  • Just reading your book again....can't stay away from it....its fantastic.....just wanted to congratulate you on it and assure you that you will reach a whole heap of people with this one. As I keep saying, and will never stop saying, you come across as soooooo real and genuine. Narelle St Clair (Ashfield)

  • I am so glad to have read this book. Your story was very moving, and I really couldn't put it down. I finished it all in one setting on Christmas Eve as I was traveling home for the holiday and I'm half way through it on a second round of reading. I volunteer with "at-risk" children, and I think you have some good insight on this field. In your book, I remember one story about a group of girls at the police station whose supervisor had no control over the situation whatsoever. I have seen this same situation myself and I find your approach much more refreshing than the "peer model" system that I think is used here. Children do need someone to look up to, to serve as role models, and to help them make smart decisions. Akram Ibrahim (Palestinian American)

  • Pastor Dave, ...I have read your book, in fact just now got done with it. I shall read and re-read your book. It ain't very dog gone often that I am lost for words. I have a high amount of respect for you. You have opened my eyes in many aspects of myself. I thought I was a Warrior, Holy Mackrel, The Lord has a Champion in his corner, you! Situations arise and I am now finding myself asking "What would Pastor Dave do"?
    Hank (from somewhere deep in the US)

  • I finally received my copy of your book which I found hard to put down. It makes compelling reading! you have a natural flair for writing (guess you dont need me to tell you that) with each chapter conveying the true meaning and value of human experience, good and bad. I must say i was taken back and suprised at the diversity and challenges of your work and wondered how you cope and keep going at times. That was up until reading the last chapter when it suddenly became clear what drives you. You strike me as a passionate, honest and honourable man who oozes courage, integrity, determination and fighting spirit. You seem a great role model and even greater friend. You dont pull any punches but none, I would add, were below the belt. I was left wondering how the church looks upon your love of and participation in fighting sports? I enjoyed reading about your experinces in and out of the ring and would love to know more, the only downside to the book was it came to an end! Michael (from Liverpool in the UK)

  • Just a short message to say how deeply moved I was by your book. I have never read such a transparently honest account of snippets of one's life journey as yours. You have had more pathos in your life than most. We have at least one thing in common - we have both experienced hurt from the church....Your wife Angie sounds a gem.
    Paul (from Newcastle, Australia)